Thought it would be great to share some behind the scenes from my shoot with Stonebridge in Phoenix, Arizona. He was playing at the Wet Electric Festival and had flown me in to take advantage of the location for a photoshoot.

Phoenix is known for having clear skies year round so we were not too happy to find out that we had scheduled to shoot on the only stormy, overcast day in years, maybe even decades.


We decided to make the most out of it. We started in the hotel and we ended up getting great shots in the hallway.


Eventually the skies cleared up and we shot around on the desert.


After our shoot we went straight to the Wet Electric Music Festival, where Stonebridge closed the set.

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Outstanding aerialist Seanna Sharpe and her acrobatic partner, boa Arishka, seemingly effortless defies gravity. She and other amazing acrobats are performing “Winter Blues” in New York on February 7-9, 11, & 14-17, 2014.

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Favorites at Frieze

May 15th, 2013


Ryan McGinley – William (David), 2012



Otto Muehl – Aktion Astronaut, 1985 – 1990



Adam Fuss – The Space Between the Garden and Eve, 2013



Katy Grannan – Anonymous, CA 2011



Servet Koçyiğit – Sunset, 2012



Robert Mapplethorpe – Italian Vogue, 1984




YU Hong – Security Screening, Fall 2013


November 21st, 2011

Eva Mueller with "Black Back" image at GLAADF OUT Auction 2011

At the GLAAD OUT Auction with my oldie but goodie image “Black Back”. I was very happy that GLAAD chose an image of mine for the aution and be able to contribute to the cause.

There was some outstanding art for sale. My favorite piece there was Alic Trossman’s “Wel Come”, it made me laugh out loud.


The main showcase piece for the live auction was Henri Matisse lithograph, that didn’t impress me at all and it went for half the market value.

Jordan Eagles work was the one that got the best bids. It was an absolutely gorgeous blood/copper/resin piece that looked like a stained glass window. When i looked up his work i was totally blown away. All his pieces are based on blood, but they have a power and depth that is incredible.


Eva Mueller holding photo of Nadia Ali Tonight i went to Housing Works yearly fundraiser “Fashion For Action”. I had donated 2 photographs. When I got there i was surprised to find a full on “department store” in the Altman Building. Many designers had donated racks and more racks of  garments, shoes etc. I couldn’t find my pieces anywhere as the walls where surprisingly empty. Hm, I though, did i miss anything? But it turns out that Housing Works found out on the day of the event, that nothing could be put on the walls. So they decided to put the photos together with the merchandise. Fair enough, Nadia Ali was with the designer pumps and the guitar guys i found amongst the Batman scarfs. I was happy to be part of it and hopefully help raise money for a good cause.

Topless at Fashion Night Out

September 9th, 2011

Last night during Fashion Night Out, I shot 5 gorgeous 7 ft tall models, wearing little else but Bootzwallas latest collection  and lots of body painted skin. Street artist Andy Golub gave our topless Amazones finishing touches on Hudson St and basically stopped traffic.  Then our sexy entourage started moving around the Meatpacking District, I had my assistant carry a big silver beauty dish and an Profoto strobe pack – courtesy of Fotocare rental., so we had our own mobile studio lighting with us. A definite high point was when the girls stopped at the Van Leeuwen ice cram truck (best ice cream  in the city and elsewhere!) to get their chilled fill and our last stop was Hogs and Heifers, needless to say to that went down. Camille Currie of PowerImagePR made it all come together drama free.  I will post more pics from out Bootzwalla invasion in the next days.
Bodypainted Amazones wearing BootzwallaBodypainted Amazones in front of Hogs and Heifers

This is what those awesome guys from Blue Movie created to announce our shoot together.

DJ Stephane K

May 9th, 2011

Stephane : hot, sexy and oh-so-dreamy.

Here’s why you want to be in attendance when he brings the house down.

DJ Silva

May 7th, 2011

DJ Silva : spicy, sensual and ridiculously talented.

A sample of her skills, for your aural pleasure.

Pablo Valencia: close friend and Designer Extraordinaire. This silver ring is one of several pieces I recently shot for Pablo’s jewelry line, “JPV Studio”.