milDRED Love

June 15th, 2010

This is the outcome of my shoot with Gender activist milDRED Love. She was great to work with and it was almost spooky to see how she transformed her gender by merely putting a hat on or a jacket and tie. She is truly androgynous, a strong yet sexy woman one moment and a handsome man the next. Her sheer presence makes you wonder about the so called male and female attributes society assigns to men and women.

milDRED is a gender bending activist and performer, spoken word is her scene.  She  made the Go Magazine’s 100 Women we love, along with Ellen DeGeneres and Wanda Sykes. Being crowned “Best Spoken Word Performer” by the Readers Choice Nightlife Awards is just the start of milDRED’s path to success.

Friday, May 21, 2010 at 8pm

WOW 30th anniversary celebration presents “Ladies in the Light,” featuring MilDred, Angie,  and Sokhna! For those of you who missed it, MilDred will be performing her new show “I Transcender:  The Gender Expression of Haitian Gods and Goddesses,” choreographed by Sokhna Heathyre Mabin.


WOW Cafe Theatre

59-61 East 4th Street

4th Floor

NY, NY 10002


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