Manhattan Solstice!

May 31st, 2013

In case you missed this years 1st of 2 Manhattan Solstices also called Manhattanhenge, here is what it looks like from 42nd Street East. I took this picture 2 years ago, but I think this one looked very similar ; ). Its definitely magical when the sun appears sideways on the lower part of the building canyon to appear dead center on the bottom and then slowly sinks into the horizon shifting to the right. The 2nd one this year will be on July 13.



July 12th, 2010

Yesterday (and today) isĀ Manhattanhenge or Manhattan Solstice. When the sun sets, it is alligned with the cross street grid of manhattan and creates a magical moment. It can be observed on 4 days a year. We were a small group of people in the know who gathered on the Tudor City overpass on 42nd Street, which was one of the prime locations to shoot this as we didn’t have run in and out of the middle of the street as many people did. Everybody ooohed and aaahed when the sun slid into the canyon from the left and all jaws dropped.