Outstanding aerialist Seanna Sharpe and her acrobatic partner, boa Arishka, seemingly effortless defies gravity. She and other amazing acrobats are performing “Winter Blues” in New York on February 7-9, 11, & 14-17, 2014.

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I got to Atlanta yesterday with my artwork in tow, I had to gate check the big prints, but the package arrived in one piece. Jack Simonetta, one of the owners of PB+J and I hung the prints up and here is a sneak preview

PB+J Gallery, Body+Space Exhibition

Eva Mueller shoots Oliver Tobin nude on a black backdrop. Throughout his frames, Oliver is having a war between him and space, trying to push past the “boundaries”.


35 Howard St. SE, Atlanta, GA 30317
404 606 1856

For more information please visit:



April 29th, 2010