The New York City based DJ collective Endless Love Recordings hired me to do a photo shoot for their upcoming release and their website which will be finished very soon too. Here are some gems from a super fun shoot day. We explored my neighborhood in Bushwick. There are so many great spots and textured backdrops that we ended up with many more setups than anticipated. The boys were a pleasure to work with and very professional. For more Endless Love photos, go to


Its all about the poses.


Did we get it?


Shooting turned out to be contagious.FB140930ELove-BTS_0423

Finding great backdrops everywhere.


Sitting on the street while looking good – or was it the other way around?


Blue wall – blue shoes…


Love the reclaimed wood backdrop.


Amazing looking train overpass in the industrial part of Bushwick.


Can someone move that truck?


Endless Love forever!


Mr. O’Neil working the red shoes.

My portrait of Jack Shamblin, entitled “Jack and Mia” was Portrait nominee of the 7th Annual Photography Master’s Cup!


Portrait of performance artist Jack Shamblin wearing his split personality alter ego Mia Kunter for his play “Blatant”.

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See more of Jack Shamblin’s performance art at: — with Jack Shamblin and Queering The Stage.

My portrait of Alice in Florence, entitled “Alice’s profile” was Fine Art nominee of the 7th Annual Photography Master’s Cup!


I shot this impromptu portrait of Alice in Florence the day after I met her and had fallen in love with her profile.

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Outstanding aerialist Seanna Sharpe and her acrobatic partner, boa Arishka, seemingly effortless defies gravity. She and other amazing acrobats are performing “Winter Blues” in New York on February 7-9, 11, & 14-17, 2014.

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I just love living in Bushwick. Here are some of my favorite graffiti pieces I have seen strolling around my neighborhood.








When I met her at a photographers party, she wore a snake around her neck and twisted casually like pretzel. Luckily she agreed to a photo shoot. Not only can she do incredible things on a rope with her body she’s also an avid advocate for underprivileged children. She teaches them the art of circus. Recently she started her own non-profit organization.





Ass out – ass in!

May 27th, 2013

Ass seen last night on Essex Subway stop


I couldn’t believe he actually pulled his pants up.


Drum Casket is an interactive performance and sound piece, centered around artist Amery Kessler’s invented instrument, Drum Casket. I have met both Amery and Mary Jane at the 2012 Inaugural World Peace Day in Linzhou China. We were all invited by the UN friends & Government of China to the First event for Peace and Art in China. Last night Amery and Mary Jane showed their Drum Casket Installation at the English Kills” Gallery in Bushwick, right around the corner from my studio. Drum whiz Sidy Maiga from Mali worked his magic and made us all dance.





Favorites at Frieze

May 15th, 2013


Ryan McGinley – William (David), 2012



Otto Muehl – Aktion Astronaut, 1985 – 1990



Adam Fuss – The Space Between the Garden and Eve, 2013



Katy Grannan – Anonymous, CA 2011



Servet Koçyiğit – Sunset, 2012



Robert Mapplethorpe – Italian Vogue, 1984




YU Hong – Security Screening, Fall 2013


I went to my friend Uscha Pohl’s “Very” Magazine 17th issue launch party in Tribeca. “Very” launched in 1997 and became one of the first fashion-art magazines on the market. I have followed the magazine’s evolution since the “very” first issue and shot for the magazine’s second issue. It is great to see the magazine is still going strong. My favorite article in this issue is “A Circle In The Sand” by Hugh Thompson that talks about discovery of 4000 year old mysterious tree formation called Seahenge.

I am being represented by Asymmetrik at another art festival in Switzerland this month. Biases aside, it’s going to be absolutely fabulous!