The New York City based DJ collective Endless Love Recordings hired me to do a photo shoot for their upcoming release and their website which will be finished very soon too. Here are some gems from a super fun shoot day. We explored my neighborhood in Bushwick. There are so many great spots and textured backdrops that we ended up with many more setups than anticipated. The boys were a pleasure to work with and very professional. For more Endless Love photos, go to


Its all about the poses.


Did we get it?


Shooting turned out to be contagious.FB140930ELove-BTS_0423

Finding great backdrops everywhere.


Sitting on the street while looking good – or was it the other way around?


Blue wall – blue shoes…


Love the reclaimed wood backdrop.


Amazing looking train overpass in the industrial part of Bushwick.


Can someone move that truck?


Endless Love forever!


Mr. O’Neil working the red shoes.

Thought it would be great to share some behind the scenes from my shoot with Stonebridge in Phoenix, Arizona. He was playing at the Wet Electric Festival and had flown me in to take advantage of the location for a photoshoot.

Phoenix is known for having clear skies year round so we were not too happy to find out that we had scheduled to shoot on the only stormy, overcast day in years, maybe even decades.


We decided to make the most out of it. We started in the hotel and we ended up getting great shots in the hallway.


Eventually the skies cleared up and we shot around on the desert.


After our shoot we went straight to the Wet Electric Music Festival, where Stonebridge closed the set.

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DJ Stonebridge in New York

January 31st, 2014

These photos are from my last shoot with Swedish DJ Stonebridge ( in my studio and in the industrial area of Bushwick (Brooklyn), New York.

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After some warm-up pictures in the studio we ventured outside into the industrial area of Bushwick, where we found the train tracks and a long corrugated metal wall (a favorite texture!). Thanks to The Living Gallery
After 3 hours of we walked back to the studio with many more great photos.
Discover Swedish DJ Stonebridge.

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Yesterday I shot super talented DJ Anthony Velarde. Anthony needed a variety of images for his new website. Anthony was looking for a variety of images for his new website and social media. We shot for a while day, starting out in studio. I used mainly pone light a small softbox on black to achieve a stark and moody look. After that we ventured out to my favorite area in Bushwick, where i can find lots of empty streets and textured walls. We shot quite a few more setups out there. Anthony posed, walked, ran and jumped for me and we got many fun, energetic and stylish shots as you can see here.

Anthony Velarde in white


Anthony Velarde looking cool in Bushwick


Anthony Velardes image in the making

Anthony Velarde flying high

Rising Star DJ Anthony Velarde


Anthony Velarde in front of white wall

This is what those awesome guys from Blue Movie created to announce our shoot together.

DJ Stephane K

May 9th, 2011

Stephane : hot, sexy and oh-so-dreamy.

Here’s why you want to be in attendance when he brings the house down.

DJ Silva

May 7th, 2011

DJ Silva : spicy, sensual and ridiculously talented.

A sample of her skills, for your aural pleasure.

Goodbar Live!

March 8th, 2011

Last night I was invited to cover a fascinating live performance by an incredible indie rock outfit, Goodbar, as it brought the house down at Ideal Glass, and left its fans raving for more! Their awesome costumes were designed by my awesomely talented friend, Erik Bergrin!

Nadia Ali Onyx Edition cover art

Nadia Ali released the second album “Onyx Edition” of her “Queen Of Clubs”Trilogy. It includes mixes by John Creamer and Stephane K, Scumfrog and Niki McNally amongst others.

We shot the artwork for all 3 editions and the iconic “Queen of Clubs” logo in spring. I’ve known Nadia Ali for years and we finally worked together in this great project. The “Ruby Edition” got released earlier this year and the “Diamond Edition” will be out in late December. All cover art was done by design superstarĀ  John Dill of Pickledhouse.

  • onyx_creditsb
  • nadiaali_9437fb
  • nadiaalibhs_8221b
  • nadiaali_9364feb

Elaine PaigesĀ  album “Elaine Paige and Friends” is out now. I had shot her in August at Michelson Studio. She was very nice but also very demanding. I had a great team to work with, Emily Moses did the Make-Up, Alberto Guzman coiffed her and Cannon got the most amazing fashion in for Elaine. There were tense moments but in the end we got all setups done. To see more photos from the album art shoot and recording session click on the gallery below.