November 21st, 2011

Eva Mueller with "Black Back" image at GLAADF OUT Auction 2011

At the GLAAD OUT Auction with my oldie but goodie image “Black Back”. I was very happy that GLAAD chose an image of mine for the aution and be able to contribute to the cause.

There was some outstanding art for sale. My favorite piece there was Alic Trossman’s “Wel Come”, it made me laugh out loud.


The main showcase piece for the live auction was Henri Matisse lithograph, that didn’t impress me at all and it went for half the market value.

Jordan Eagles work was the one that got the best bids. It was an absolutely gorgeous blood/copper/resin piece that looked like a stained glass window. When i looked up his work i was totally blown away. All his pieces are based on blood, but they have a power and depth that is incredible.


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