Yesterday I shot super talented DJ Anthony Velarde. Anthony needed a variety of images for his new website. Anthony was looking for a variety of images for his new website and social media. We shot for a while day, starting out in studio. I used mainly pone light a small softbox on black to achieve a stark and moody look. After that we ventured out to my favorite area in Bushwick, where i can find lots of empty streets and textured walls. We shot quite a few more setups out there. Anthony posed, walked, ran and jumped for me and we got many fun, energetic and stylish shots as you can see here.

Anthony Velarde in white


Anthony Velarde looking cool in Bushwick


Anthony Velardes image in the making

Anthony Velarde flying high

Rising Star DJ Anthony Velarde


Anthony Velarde in front of white wall

I am being represented by Asymmetrik at another art festival in Switzerland this month. Biases aside, it’s going to be absolutely fabulous!