Swedish artist Liza Fredrika Aslund has created a series of shoes made from furniture scraps- a very interesting take on dumpster diving…

Jeff Niska- Paper Sculptor

July 27th, 2010

Jeff Niska is a paper genius, working exclusively in the medium of paper sculpture.  The Los Angeles-born artist works mainly with white, which makes the exquisite play of light and shadow a large part of the appeal of his work.


UK based sculptor and model maker Kyle Bean has installed sculptures in five windows of the London Selfridges department store that show striking examples of the law of conservation of mass.


Jean-Michel Basquiat

July 19th, 2010

Basquait comes to life once again, this time a friend of this visionary artist- Tamra Davis documents his story “Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child



July 12th, 2010

Yesterday (and today) is Manhattanhenge or Manhattan Solstice. When the sun sets, it is alligned with the cross street grid of manhattan and creates a magical moment. It can be observed on 4 days a year. We were a small group of people in the know who gathered on the Tudor City overpass on 42nd Street, which was one of the prime locations to shoot this as we didn’t have run in and out of the middle of the street as many people did. Everybody ooohed and aaahed when the sun slid into the canyon from the left and all jaws dropped.

“AMERICAN JESUS” features new works such as a trio of photographs depicting Michael Jackson as a religious icon and martyr and an allegorical photograph of the “Rape of Africa”.  American Jesus, is David LaChapelle‘s solo exhibition and is currently on display at the Paul Kasmin Gallery.  This is LaChapelle’s most recent solo show in New York since 2008.

Inspired by New York City’s ‘High Line” transit track converted park, Los Angeles has proposed plans for a High Line park on the west coast, in the neighboring Port of Wilmington.

“The new park, designed by San Francisco– and Boston-based Sasaki Associates, will stretch 3,000 feet wide and slope in an angular fashion from a flat area known as the Great Lawn up to about 15 feet above grade, with a walkway along the top—labeled the Paseo—affording views of the Port’s massive shipping containers as well as the ocean in the distance.”


OHWOW Book Club

July 6th, 2010

The OHWOW Book Club is located below street level in a landmarked historic brownstone on Waverly Place. Taking up only 150 sq ft, this little store was designed by de Cárdenas to echo a classic black and white, pre-war NYC bathroom.  The store is a little crazy, but completely Fitting of OHWOW’s vision.

227 Waverly Place New York, Ny 10014